GEDNAP / Stain Commission

The shipping of samples for the GEDNAP Proficiency Tests in 2012 (GEDNAP44 & 45) has started by the end of June. 

The preregistration for the GEDNAP Proficiency Tests in 2012 (GEDNAP44 & 45) has ended and the submission of results is possible here.

 In the following general  information is available: 

- the letter that accompanied the GEDNAP Proficiency Test sample sets

- Digital Reprint of the manuscripts 'The GEDNAP blind trial concept' and 'The GEDNAP blind trial concept part II. Trends and developments' by Rand et al.

- GEDNAP Manual (deutsch / englisch

-  Recommendations of the Stain Commission for the interpretation of mixed stains (Int J Legal Med  (2009) 132: 1-5)

- Allele frequencies for the biostatistical calculations

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