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Stain workshops

The Stain Commission organizes in conjunction with the German Society of Legal Medicine (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Rechtsmedizin) annual 'Spuren-Workshops'.  The language is German, but presentations in English are welcome as well. The scientific program is accompanied by a presentation of the evaluation of the results of the GEDNAP Proficiency Tests.

The 34. Spurenworkshop will take place on 21 and 22 February 2014 in Innsbruck.

Organizers will be:

Prof. Dr. med. R. Lessig  und Frau Dr. rer. nat. U.-D. Immel 

The 33. Spurenworkshop has taken place on 22 and 23 February 2013 in Halle (Saale).

Organizers will be:

Prof. Dr. med. R. Lessig  und Frau Dr. rer. nat. U.-D. Immel 

The 32. Spurenworkshop has taken place on 24 and 25 February  2012 in Hanover.

Organizers were:
Prof. Dr. med. M. Klintschar  and Dr. med. T. Rothämel

On 25./ 26. February 2011 the Institut für Rechtsmedizin Hamburg hosted the
31. Spurenworkshop .

Organizers were:
Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Püschel  and Dr. rer. nat. C. Augustin

On 05./ 06. Februar 2010 the Institut für Rechtsmedizin Zürich hosted the
30. Spurenworkshop.

Organizers were:
Prof. Dr. med. Walter Bär  &  Dr. Adelgunde Kratzer

On 27.-28.02.2009 the Institut für Rechtsmedizin Münster hosted in co-operation with Prof. Brinkmann's Institut of Forensic Genetics the
29. Spurenworkshop.

Organizer was:
Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Heidi Pfeiffer

On 15.-16.02.2008 the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Salzburg hosted the
28. Spurenworkshop .

Organizer was:
o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Edith  TUTSCH-BAUER

On 23.-24.02.2007 the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Frankfurt hosted
27. Spurenworkshop.

Organizer were:
Prof. Dr. med. Bratzke & Dr. rer. nat. Zehner

On 03./04. Februar 2006  the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Rostock hosted the
26. Spurenworkshop.

Organizer was:
Prof. Dr. med. R. Wegener

On 25./26. Februar 2005  the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Freiburg hosted the
25. Spurenworkshop.

Organizer was:
Prof. Dr. med. S. Pollak

On 06./07. Februar 2004 the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Köln hosted the
24. Spurenworkshop.

Organizer was:
Prof. Dr. med. M.A. Rothschild

On 07./08. Februar 2003  the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Leipzig hosted
23. Spurenworkshop.

Organizer was:
Dr. med. R. Lessig
Tel. +49-341-9715100
Fax +49-341-9715109

On 15./16. Februar 2002  the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Bonn hosted the
22. Spurenworkshop.

Organizer was 

Prof. Dr. med. B. Madea, Tel. +49 (0) 228 7383-15; Fax: +49 (0) 228 7383-68, e-mail

On 09. - 10.2.2001  the Institut für Rechtsmedizin München hosted the
21. Spurenworkshop of the DGRM.

Organizer was 

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Eisenmenger, Tel. (089) 5160-5110, Fax: (089) 5160-5144, e-mail



20. Spurenworkshop

On 11. - 12.2.2000  the  Institut für Rechtsmedizin Würzburg hosted the
20th Spurenworkshop of the DGRM in Würzburg.




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